Oiselle: What the Fall Sale

If you haven’t heard of the running brand Oiselle then this post if for you! Oiselle is ultimately one of my favorite running brands. And no this post is not an ad. I just really love their running gear as well as their brand.

The Oiselle is marketed as a brand that is for women athletes, by women athletes. In doing so they have created a mission to support and empower women runners of all ages, abilities, interests and level of performance.

Currently Oiselle have a fabulous fall sale for select products on their website. And some of these products are absolutely amazing! This is not the kind of sale that is trying to clear out unwanted products and gear, but instead is packed full of fantastic, stylish and functional run girl clothes!

Check out the Oiselle site to see what products you can get your runner paws on and use Oiselles code WTF25 to get 25% off some select fall favorites. The sale will be going from 9/18-9/24, so get in on this great deal while it lasts!

If you miss the sale don’t worry! Oiselle has frequent sales! And if you area a newby to Oiselle and would like to try their products here is a link to get $20 off your first purchase of 50 or more! Disclaimer: If you use this link you will also give me $20 to spend at Oiselle and Oiselle will give you your own link to give to others to try Oiselle for their first time! It’s a win, win!

Happy Running!


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