Weekly Recap 9/16-9/22, Travels to CT &Cool Fall Runs

Happy Fall Running!

It is officially Fall! I had some of the most amazing fall running weather in Connecticut. I am back in Virginia now, but I had a great few days last week visiting family in Connecticut. Such a great, relaxing trip! I got some fantastic runs in, road my old even horse Sligo and spent time with family.

Everytime I am in Connecticut I always make sure to get some runs in on the airline trail. It is honestly one of my favorite places to run. The trail is an old railroad bed that is now just miles and miles of perfectly packed fine stone. There aren’t many hills and one can get deep into thought, feet falling easily into place, one in front of the other, through the scenic wilderness.

I drove up on Tuesday, which from Virginia takes up a good part of the day. I lucked out with traffic. Traffic was not too heavy and I made it within about 8 hours. Typically I will run on Tuesday, but since travel is exhausting, so I chose to take a rest day instead.

The rest of the week I spent in my normal training routine, with the only exception being Sunday when I drove back to Virginia. Typically I run on Sunday. It is usually an easy shake out run after a long run on Saturday. Since I was driving for the day, I made the executive decision to make Sunday another rest day.

Shadow the mini horse

Here is a break down of the week:

Monday 9/16/19: Cross training.

Tuesday 9/17/19: Drove from Virginia to Connecticut which took a majority of the daylight hours.

Wednesday 9/18/19: 5 miles on the Airline Trail @10:25/mi pace. This run just felt so good! I normally don’t have the greatest runs after traveling all day, but this run felt Ah-Mazing. I just set my cruise control and relaxed right into an easy pace. It was beyond therapeutic.

Thursday 9/19/19: 4 miles on the Airline Trail @11:21/mi pace. This run felt more sluggish. My legs could just not pick it up! Still a good run though.


Friday 9/20/19: Rest day and I rode my horse Sligo again. Sligo is my 28 year old horse who I use to show and compete, but now he is retired. We just did a little walk, trot to stretch his old bones. It was really fun.

Riding Sligo! I didn’t have a picture from this trip; so you will have to settle for this pic from a little earlier this Summer. He looks good for a geriatric horse!

Saturday 9/21/19: Long run! I had to cut my run a little short today in order to make it back in time to go to a charity event for retired horses. So I got in 7 easy relaxing miles on the airline trail again.

Sunday 9/22/19: Another day of driving. So exhausting…

In all it was a great week. Now I have a few days of being in Virginia before heading off to San Diego! So much travel. If anyone is in San Diego and wants to meet up for some runs, let a girl know!!

Happy Running Everyone!


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