That Post Holiday Cool Down

Hi everyone! After not being the most active in my blog during the Holidays; I am here for an update on life. The truth is life gets busy. Christmas was packed with travel up and down the east coast, all while working full time and pursuing a few other endevors that have me branching away from running. I have to be cautious not to bite off more than I can chew!

Winter, snowy hike with the pups

Instead of running I have been turning focus onto more yoga, stretching and lifting. I have a goal to get stronger this year in an effort to improve my running.

Here is one of the workouts I did the other day:

  • Repeat 3 times:
    • .12 miles on the treadmill
    • 10 squats
    • 10 bur-pees
  • Next Step (Repeat 3 times)
    • 10 goblet squats with appropriate weight.
    • 10 lunges each let (10 with left leg and 10 with right)
  • Last step (repeat only once)
    • .5 mile on the treadmill
    • 50 crunches
    • 40 push-ups
    • 20 pull-ups

I have hopes to get back to running a little more once life settles down. But until then I am going to continue to focus on getting in fun runs with Finley, strength work and yoga.

Happy Running Everyone! And if you try out the workout let me know what you think!


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